Sponsor Spotlight: WP Site Care


WordCamp Las Vegas has a lot of people to thank for making this educational event not only happen, but also a smashing success. Among those is sponsor WP Site Care.

What and who is WP Site Care? Founded by Ryan Sullivan in summer 2012, WP Site Care is a premium WordPress support and maintenance company. “I was a solo act trying to earn some extra cash outside of my day job, so I started helping people with various WordPress projects,” Sullivan explains. “The end goal was just to send people on their way with all of their issues resolved. As time went on, I noticed that the same people were coming back and asking for help over and over again, and the idea for WP Site Care was born.”

Today, WP Site Care is a small business of five people that continues to provide quick and helpful support to all of their customers. “Our client base ranges from individuals with very little technical knowledge, to enterprise-level clients who are new to WordPress and don’t have in-house staff of their own yet,” the founder states.

In essence, WP Site Care makes life easier. “It goes beyond just completing tasks for our clients,” says Sullivan, “It’s knowing which tasks are going to save them the most time and money in the long run.” His approach is proactive, not reactive. WP Site Care’s team does its best to foresee any potential pitfalls with future software updates, security, growth, or feature implementations. “By being able to predict potential hangups before they happen, we let people sleep easier. Also, we skip sleep on their behalf,” Sullivan jokes.

So, what motivated WP Site Care to get involved with WordCamp Las Vegas? Answers Sullivan, “We like to sponsor any WordCamps that we can. I love being part of this community, and have personally benefited in huge ways from friendships and learning that have developed at WordCamps. I’ve also never been to a Vegas WordCamp. And anywhere warmer than Utah in December has my stamp of approval!”