Sponsor Spotlight: BadgeOS by Credly

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The Vegas team will be the first ever to recognize participation in a WordCamp with digital badges! These credentials are a permanent record of your contribution to the event and may be shared on social networks, posted on websites, blogs and your virtual resume.


BadgeOS by Credly is very proud to sponsor WordCamp Vegas and help to issue and manage your badges. People are learning, contributing, and proving themselves in more places and in more ways than ever before. The team extends credit-earning and issuing out of its traditional realms into any setting where skills, knowledge, or contributions can and should be acknowledged.

BadgeOS, empowers anyone using WordPress to use their site as a platform for community, engagement, and achievement recognition environment. The approach empowers and encourages learners to pick up new real-world skills and knowledge, while also engaging with others in a social give-and-take that builds one’s value to the community and network of connections. Both of these aspects of personal and professional development are rewarded with Badges that learners can take with them for life, demonstrating to the world what they know and how others value their contributions.

The BadgeOS system is an ideal vehicle for building learning experiences around existing materials, subject matter expertise and open educational resources (OER), and for recognizing the informal and social learning that happens both in and out of institutional settings. Today, BadgeOS is used in too many ways to list here – but here is a link to the applications recently cited by Matt Mullenweg as among his favorites: http://badgeos.org/about/sample-sites/.

The BadgeOS plugin and its add-ons are developed in collaboration with WebDevStudios, leading WordPress experts, developers and authors, and contributors to the core WordPress platform.