Speaker Spotlight: Steve Zehngut


Nothing in life is free. Well… except for maybe WordPress. But if you are a WordPress Developer, design graphics for use on a WordPress website, act as a business and technology consultant for companies looking to move their website to WordPress, or do any kind of WordPress-related work where you charge a fee for your services, then the last thing you want to do is work for free.

Together with WordCamp Las Vegas Keynote Speaker Chris Lema, Steve Zehngut will teach you how price your WordPress projects during his Sunday session. Talking dollars and cents is never an easy task, especially for an entrepreneur. As the Founder and Chief Technologist of Zeek Interactive, Zehngut is well-versed in the art of business development, growth and success. This is your chance to find out from an experienced entrepreneur and technology expert just how much you should be charging for your WordPress work.

Steve Zehngut
Website: http://zeek.com

WCLV: What do you love most about WordPress?

SZ: Rapid development

WCLV: Who is YOUR WordPress hero and why?

SZ: John Hawkins. Although I guess the time for butt-kissing has passed since I have already been selected as a speaker.

WCLV: What are your favorite WordPress plugins?

SZ: Gravity Forms, Advanced Custom Fields, Custom Post Type UI

WCLV: Are there any fun activities you have planned while you’re in Vegas? If so, what are they?

SZ: I come from an era when what happened in Vegas actually stayed in Vegas. I will never tell.

WCLV: Favorite book and why:

SZ: I usually only have time for technical books. The last book I read for fun was “Ready Player One.” It will make an amazing movie.

WCLV: Are you smarter than a 4th Grader? Do you think you can dance?

SZ: I may not be smarter than most 4th graders, but I will beat them up and steal their lunch money. I don’t think I can dance…I know I can dance.

WCLV: What are your plans for surviving the zombie apocalypse?

SZ: Slow-moving “Night of the Living Dead” zombies or four-minute mile “28 Days Later” zombies? In an apocalypse, you don’t have to outrun the zombies, you only have to outrun your friend.

WCLV: What are three of your pet peeves?

SZ: Bad grammar, food porn, and interview questions.