Speaker Spotlight: Konstantin Obenland

Konstantin Obenland

Konstantin Obenland is a WordPress developer who loves food and beer. So coming to Las Vegas to participate as a speaker at WordCamp is definitely the right thing to do.

Obenland has been a core contributor since WordPress 3.4. After helping out with Twenty Twelve, he was the backup lead and theme developer for Twenty Thirteen, the current default theme. So, you may already be familiar and even using his work!

Get ready to have your mind blown, as Obenland will introduce you to The Customizer, the most unknown and under appreciated feature around. Attend Obenland’s session, and you’ll soon find out why The Customizer is so awesome.

Konstantin Obenland
Website: http://konstantin.obenland.it/

WCLV: What do you love most about WordPress?

KO: The community and the openness of people that make it up. I love going to WordCamps and chat with people, and to the more I go, the more fun it is. The WordPress community is very tight knit, which can make it hard to “get in” some times when groups of people have a history together, but it also makes for great times catching up with acquaintances you made at a prior WordCamp or meetup.

WCLV: Who is YOUR WordPress hero and why?

KO: Everyone who donates their time in the support forums and in the theme and plugin review queue. It’s a ton of work for the people involved, mostly unrecognized by the general public or enduser.

WCLV: Favorite TV show and why:

KO: The Neighbors. It’s a silly show in its second season and I’m not really sure why I like it, but it just makes me literally laugh out loud at least once an episode.