Speaker Spotlight: Billie Hillier


Billie Hillier is a blogging addict (second to being a domain junkie). With over 15 years in traditional and internet marketing in her back pocket, she loves helping others master marketing techniques to benefit their businesses.

Feeling that there was a need to help women entrepreneurs grow their online presence with a thorough understanding of what it takes to be successful, she recently founded Education Thru Collaboration (previously Mommy Blogger U).

Located in sunny Las Vegas, her goal is to build a local community with a common bond of bloggers, social media junkies and techies.

Billie Hillier
Website: www.BillieHillier.com

WCLV: What do you love most about WordPress?

BH: That WordPress gives anyone the power to control their own site and ease of installing enhancements for functionality without knowing how to code.

WCLV: Who is YOUR WordPress hero and why?

BH: Anyone who takes the step to start their own WordPress site

WCLV: What are your favorite WordPress plugins?

BH: WordPress SEO by Yoast and Gravity Forms

WCLV: Vodka or tequila?

BH: Oh, man! Let’s do a taste test and see!

WCLV: What is the strangest thing you’ve ever done with a piece of bacon?

BH: No fg98

BH (second try): Cat on keyboard. Bacon… not eat it!

Editor’s Note: We suspect Hillier’s “cat on keyboard” comment was actually code for “currently taste testing Vodka and tequila.”