Meet The Organizers

H.K. Yoon

Who wants to know???

Russell Aaron

Oh Hello, I didn’t see you there. I’m Russ. I run a small little thing called Geek Street WP. I am a Speaker, organizer and presenter at WordCamps and Las Vegas WordPress Meet Up Group. I am a Fan of WordPress, first and foremost. I also became the creative director for Valley West Mortgage

Laura Coronado

Don’t let her cute shoes fool you. Laura Coronado has over 15 years of marketing and content creation experience under her designer belt. By day, she works as a Content Manager for a direct sales company that sells everything you need to have a great sex life. At night and on the weekends, she freelances as a fashion writer for publications such as Los Angeles Times and Las Vegas Woman, writing about everything you need to have a great wardrobe. But what Coronado is really known for is her personal fashion blog where she confesses her addiction to mascara and posts pictures of her stylish outfits. You can call her Laura or Lollie; just don’t ever call her maybe.

John Hawkins

John first brought WordCamp to Vegas in January of 2009 and is super excited to be the lead organizer of the 5th annual event!

When not organizing WordCamp, John runs a WordPress development company called 9seeds (hey look, they are a sponsor!), he organizes the Las Vegas WordPress Meetup and enjoys teaching WordPress to noobs at regularly scheduled occasional weekend classes.

You can follow John on twitter at vegasgeek or you can check out his blog at

Andrew DiMino

Andrew DiMino is the Publisher, President and Founder of CarbSmart, Inc., publisher of and CarbSmart Magazine for iPad.

For 13 years I ran multiple online stores selling sugar free and gluten free foods. I used to enjoy my mission of helping those people that want to get healthier with foods that are right for their metabolism/body type until competing against HUMONGOUS online retailers that did more sales in 3 hours than I did in a year (you know who I mean) took the fun of growing my business from scratch. Thankfully from day one, having a content creation strategy that included a section of my web sites dedicated to educating and informing my customers about their chosen lifestyle through articles and informational guides set me up for an awesome transition in 2012.

After I closed the online stores, I focused my attention to serving my target audience by publishing a mulit-author online magazine, an iPad magazine and books and cookbooks. WordPress gives me the freedom to reach my target audience with a platform that is easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to add content to. And for the little bit of eCommerce I still do, fuhgettaboutit!